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2 weeks of Magic Music Summer School.  July 8-26th
  • 2 weeks of Magic Music Summer School. July 8-26th


    Choose the weeks to sign up for.

    Week1-2 and be involved in every aspect of making the final project come to life. From building the set and creating the props to becoming

    understudies to lead actors. Days filled with great music are guaranteed!  


    Weeks 2-3 of our Magic Music Summer School  is the heart of our summer experience, where kids dive into various musical disciplines such as music theory, history, and performance from unexpected and interactive angles. Our community is built on support and unity, bringing together kids of different ages to learn and grow together. Throughout the weeks, students engage in group activities, come together for a magical choir, and practice their moves in the dance and orchestra sessions. The big finale is the highlight of the program, a result of everyone's hard work and dedication. Under the guidance of our unique teachers, all with magical wizarding abilities, kids are sure to have an unforgettable and enriching experience. Don't miss out on this magical opportunity to level up your musical skills and creativity! (if signing up for those weeks, consider the discounted 1-3 weeks full program ) 

    • How Does It Work For Different Ages and Leve

      Well, a Magic Hat (it’s actually a wig) decides which class the new scholar (mugicain) and from there the appropriate classes are assigned. Music Theory, Music History, Solfège. Younger children will focus on notation, rhythms, ear training, while more experienced students will look into composition and music analysis. However, the whole Magic Music Summer School shares few daily activities together: morning dance (Tunity Community),outside picnic (Jam Session) and evening ensemble (EE Meeting)

    • How Do We Know It’s Right For Your Child

      Because it’s right for every child! Music is for everyone and our unique program allows total inclusion. All Ages and Instruments. We will find the way to showcase every child’s talent and utilize all of their skills. We will teach, guide, help improve and progress further! Kids will experience music from completely different levels than before! They will try new instruments and make new friends.

    • What To Expect From Main Course Weeks 2-3

      Exactly what it sounds like! Main Course! We will deliver and serve another amazing production, that will be created by the communal effort of the whole Magic Music Summer School. And it will have everything! Dancing, acting, singing and lots of music! We will write a next chapter in the history of our school and blow audience’s socks off on Friday, July 26th at 3:30!

    • Who Will be Teaching the Magic

      A team of talented professional music/art educators, led by Gala Yaroshevsky, the head mistress of Magic Music Summer School will be completely submerged in every aspect and detail of this summer production. A choir teacher, an art teacher, a dance teacher, an orchestra conductor! And of course Gala, who is the heart of the program and the secret sauce to its success. (A flock of counselors, who’s done several summer programs in the past will also be at the campers disposal)

    • We are Eager to Answer Your Questions

      Magic can be confusing. Please, reach out to us at with any questions you might have

    • Tentative Schedule

      10:00 Morning Dance

      10:30 - 12 Lessons

      12 Lunch

      1-3:30 Lessons

      3:30-5 Fun


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